Author Topic: "Equalizing" mosaic frames  (Read 708 times)

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"Equalizing" mosaic frames
« on: 2016 December 22 15:09:16 »

I tried my first 2x2 mosaic (Heart Nebula) and ran into a problem. One of the panels looks very different (strong colors, more details) then the others. All panels have the exact same number of frames (10xHa, 20xOIII, 40xSII).

You can see the mosaic here:

The individual (unstretched) panels are here:
Upper Left:
Upper Right: (this is the one that is different!)
Lower Left:
Lower Right:

What is a good way to analyze and adjust this?


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Re: "Equalizing" mosaic frames
« Reply #1 on: 2016 December 23 01:22:41 »

Have you tried doing the mosaic separately with each channel and then combining them? I find frame Adaptation in Star Alignment (with 2-D Surface Spline Registration Model and Distortion Correction) has a better success rate on the individual channels.

Some mosaics just don't want to play ball using Star Alignment to build the composition in which case Image Solver and Mosaic By Co-Ordinates followed by Gradient Merge Mosaic can sometimes give a better result.