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« on: 2016 December 12 17:20:12 »

I am wondering how I can see color in M33?

What I mean is that when I process M33 as best I can using DBE and Color Calibrate and background neutralization and and others,  I end up with a black and white image.

And yet I tried this same image in PhotoShop and I got color almost right away. In any event when I was fiinished I had quite a nice image of M33 with a light blue color showing through the image.

So,  I bet there is a way to get color in PixInsight and when I do will it be correct?  In other words if it comes out red do I accept that as being the right color for M33?   Or Blue etc..   

How will I know that I have the proper color?

Questions and questions.


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Re: color
« Reply #1 on: 2016 December 12 19:38:21 »
I think the first thing we need to know, is are you shooting your images with a DSLR or One-shot color (aka CFA=color filter array) camera, or through a set of Red, Green, Blue filters with a black and white camera? In either case, you might take a quick look at Harry's site: and the video tutorials for PI there for the color-filter workflow, and for a OSC/DSLR camera. If that does not answer your questions, let us know the above info and we will work from there. PI can get you where you want to go, and get you there quickly, logically, and reliably.

Alex W

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Re: color
« Reply #2 on: 2016 December 12 19:38:35 »
About the "correctness" of your colour, see this thread
Without examples of your image, it is difficult to say what the problem is.  Often colour can be boosted with the saturation button in curves, or when doing an LRGB combine.
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