Author Topic: Calibrating flats  (Read 625 times)

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Calibrating flats
« on: 2016 September 08 16:03:16 »
Next quandary:  With a DSLR (low noise as they go), when I calibrate the flats (taken at very short exposures) should I just use the master bias, or should I also put in the master dark?

Obviously getting out of my depth here in trying to put together info from various sources...

Thanks in advance for clarification!

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Re: Calibrating flats
« Reply #1 on: 2016 September 08 17:53:07 »
i only use bias frames to calibrate my flats, as they are generally pretty short. (2-10s).

if you want to do this in BPP then you need to run the flats separately with only the bias frames present... and then take the master flat that's created by that BPP and use it in the BPP for the lights. this is because if bias and darks are present in BPP then it will always try to scale a dark to calibrate lights and flats...