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The Official Quick Guide to PixInsight - FAQs
« on: 2016 September 01 08:56:30 »

In this thread, we are presenting some frequently asked questions that will help you to better understand the product before buying it:

1. Are PixInsight and PixInsight Coffee the same company?
No. PixInsight Coffee is a completely separate business from Pleiades Astrophoto. If you have any suggestion about this guide, you should contact the PixInsight Coffee team at info(at)pixinsight-coffee(dot)com.

Why is this a paid resource? Is this book the official documentation of PixInsight?
Aside from being a separate business from Pleiades Astrophoto, this guide is not the documentation of PixInsight. You won't find in this guide a formal definition of the user interface. The content of this book is based on the teaching experience of the author and it has been written as a pragmatic description of the user interface, addressing the main concepts and pitfalls the user should learn before starting to process images in PixInsight. The methodology here to talk about the user interface has been designed from years of teaching hundreds of PixInsight users with the goal of being clear and easy to read and to help you to climb the learning curve as fast as possible.

This is an official guide due to two main reasons. First, the author has been involved from the very beginning in the development of the software and has been the intellectual author of essential tools in PixInsight. Second, the content has been approved by the PixInsight development team.

2. Why is this guide needed?
In the author's experience, there is a very high percentage of users that need help to correctly navigate the user interface of the application, even after many years of using it. This is not a problem with the users themselves, reflects the vast differences in content, organization and quality among the on-line resources. By reading this guide you are sure that you're learning the correct concepts, in the correct way, and as fast as possible.

However, The Official Quick Guide to PixInsight has been conceived and created by a team of experts in PixInsight and professionals in astrophotography, design and multimedia. Our goal is to allow you maximize your skill using PixInsight.

3. Why is this an interactive book?
The PixInsight user interface is very rich in resources and unique in its own right. Publishing a traditional text would not really be helpful to demonstrate all the mouse and keyboard operations.

An interactive book can be easily updated and allows you to read it on your portable device while working on your computer.

4. How can I review the table of contents of the book?
In the “Description” section of the book webpage at the iBooks Store you'll find the “...More” legend. Tap or click on it and you'll see the table of contents. In any event, we'll show it here as well:

Chapter 1: Welcome
Chapter 2: Installing PixInsight
Chapter 3: Using this guide
Chapter 4: Workspaces, menus and tool bars
Chapter 5: Auto-hide windows
Chapter 6: Windows
Chapter 7: Views
Chapter 8: Navigating a view
Chapter 9: How to execute a process
Chapter 10: Icons
Chapter 11: Dynamic tools
Chapter 12: Processing histories
Chapter 13: Software development in PixInsight
Chapter 14: Projects
Chapter 15: Credits

5. The videos don't have any sound. Is that right?
Yes. All the videos have their related text. In those texts you'll find exactly what's going to happen in the videos. We believe the video and text model will provide you with a comfortable learning environment.

6. I have problems to visualize the iBook
Apple performs a quality control and testing, and they determine the specifications needed in your Apple device to be able to read the iBook. According to Apple, “To view this book, you must have an iPad with iBooks 2 or later and iOS 5 or later, or an iPhone with iOS 8.4 or later, or a Mac with OS X 10.9 or later.”

7. Is there any other version apart from the iBook format (Android, Amazon, Windows, PDF...)?
Currently the only version is in iBook format. The PixInsight Coffee team is currently investigating other possible formats.

8. The book link directs me to the iTunes Store USA. Can I buy it in my country?
Yes. You should buy the iBook from your iTunes and, therefore, from your country. You can do a search by inputting “PixInsight” in the iTunes search engine. You should find the book very quickly.

9. What is the price of The Official Quick Guide to PixInsight?
The price depends on the country, the local taxes and the commercial agreements between USA and your country. As reference, the price is $19.90 in the iTunes Store USA.

If you need any further information, you can contact us by email at info(at)pixinsight-coffee(dot)com.

Thank you again. We're building PixInsight Coffee based upon your own experience and needs.

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