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Subframe Selector
« on: 2016 August 16 09:58:24 »
Any particular reason the Subframe Selector Script should not run against ALL the calibrated images at once?

I've seen most tutorials and other examples run the script against each filter set. It would seem that more data will give you tighter estimates for your good data and make the outliers even more obvious.

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Re: Subframe Selector
« Reply #1 on: 2016 August 16 12:59:46 »
well lots of times the fwhm will be different per-filter. if it's different enough then the plots can suffer from the y axis scale being too large and you end up looking at two lines at different heights, which can make the outliers *less* obvious.


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Re: Subframe Selector
« Reply #2 on: 2016 August 20 10:00:25 »
Also--it can be easy to eliminate too many of one type of filter when they are together--unless you are very careful and pay attention to where the filter sets start and stop.