Author Topic: Beginner / Intensive PixInsight workshops - San Jose, CA - December 2 to 14  (Read 2113 times)

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I'm glad to announce two combined beginner/intensive PixInsight workshops that will take place in San Jose, California, USA, from December 2 to 7 and 9 to 14, 2016.

These workshops start on Friday, offering a combined beginner/intensive weekend. The intensive workshops continue on Monday through Wednesday. These combined workshops will offer the user a more flexible opportunity to learn image processing. On the weekend an introductory workshop to PixInsight and the basic image processing techniques will be offered for up to 20 people. The following three days of each week will review more advanced techniques in a fully personalized learning experience for up to 12 people.

You can register either for one of the weekend workshops, or for one of the full 6-day workshops. For more information, please visit the workshop's webpage:

The beginner workshop will introduce you to the PixInsight platform and the basic image processing techniques applied to astrophotography. You'll benefit from this workshop even if you have very little experience with PixInsight because we'll start from scratch on the software usage on Friday afternoon. The topics covered during the weekend will be:

    - The graphical user interface.
    - LRGB.
    - Denoising with TGVDenoise.
    - Dynamic range management techniques.
    - Hubble's palette.
    - Start-to-finish example.

The intensive workshop will be an in-depth review of more advanced techniques, as well as a longer start-to-finish example. The most interesting part of this workshop is when everyone works with his or her own images. In this way, people learn how to apply the just-learned techniques to their own photos. Everyone will be guided in the particular processing steps to achieve an optimal result. The topics covered in this part will be:

    - Narrowband / broadband composition techniques.
    - Three additional start-to-finish examples.
    - Multiscale tools applied to star masking and sharpening techniques.

Please note that, although the topics in the Intensive part are more advanced, they are also part of what I consider the full set of beginner techniques. Intermediate Intensive workshops will begin in the near future.

This workshop is sponsored by Pleiades Astrophoto and the Astronomical Observatory of the University of Valencia.

Best regards,

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is there a recommended hotel in the area?