Author Topic: PixInsight Weekend Workshop - Vienna, September 16 to 18.  (Read 1398 times)

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I'm glad to announce a PixInsight Weekend workshop that will take place in Vienna, Austria, from September 16 to 18. This Weekend workshop is limited to 25 people, I'm no longer offering this kind of workshops for up to 40 people. This way you can have a more personalized learning experience.

If you want to register please follow this link:

The workshop is divided in two levels in order to fulfill the needs of the attendance:

- Beginner level (Friday afternoon / Saturday morning):

    - Introduction to the graphical user interface.
    - The LRGB workflow.
    - Gradient correction.

- Intermediate level (Saturday afternoon):

    - Dynamic range management.
    - Image delinearization.

Please not that this is the first time I teach topics of intermediate level in a workshop. Don't expect to simply learn how to apply HDRMT and histograms to your image. These topics will be part of the upcoming intermediate level Intensive workshops (still to be released).

On Sunday we'll review a full example, starting with data set analysis and inspection, going through the data set preprocessing and postprocessing to the final image.

This workshop is sponsored by Teleskop Austria, Pleiades Astrophoto and the Astronomical Observatory of the University of Valencia.

Best regards,