ZWO 1600Mm-Cool Bit Depth?


Dec 22, 2015
I'm slowly working through using PI for the first time and have arrived at the SubFrameSelector process.

I have a late-2016 ZWO1600MM-Cool and just want to check the correct resolution input for this camera, which I believe is 12-bits. Please can somone confirm this or otherwise?



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These are the specifications for that camera

Sensor type CMOS Chip (Panasonic MN34230)
Megapixel 16
Resolution Photograph (Pixel) 4656 x 3520
Pixel size 3,8
Interfaces USB 3.0
Bit depth (Bit) 12
Active cooling yes
Connection (to the telescope)
1,25" & T2
Colour camera no
Operating temperature -5 - 45
Max. exposure time (min) 30
Min. exposure time 32 µs
Images per second 23 (at full resolution)
Full Well Capacity 20.000


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Nov 27, 2011
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Note some ZWO drivers on 12-bit cameras multiply data by 16 to create 16-bit data.

One way to test: load a raw frame into PI which has some bright stars, open Statistics process, and check the maximum value. If the max is larger than 4,095 then this scale up has been done.