Workshop: NEXT STEPS FOR NEWBIES RELOADED - September 21, 2021


PixInsight Ambassador
In “Next Steps for Newbies 2021”, Ron and Warren will expand on the basic workflow with the following powerful tools and techniques:
  • Get more from WBPP
    • Adding CosmeticCorrection to correct hot pixels
    • Preprocessing R-G-B monochrome data
  • Combining RG-B monochrome data with ChannelCombination
  • Superior background modelization with DynamicBackgroundExtraction
  • Noise reduction in the linear state with MultiscaleLinearTransform
  • Making a mask for better control of color saturation
Whether you use an OSC or a monochrome camera, these enhancements to your workflow will help you get the most from your nights under the stars.

Two workshops to suit schedules in more time zones. Details and registration are HERE. Hope to see you on September 21!