Weighted Batch PreProcessing (WBPP) problems in light frame calibrations


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Nov 24, 2017
Hello all,

I've been using WBPP with some moderate success. However, I have found there are situations I cannot explain where the calibration of light frames is not performing well. I've tried various options in the WBPP dialog to no avail. The images after calibration when auto-stretched appear very dark with little to no detail. However, if I run the exact data (same light, dark and flat frames) through ImageCalibration, the images look fine when auto-stretched.

I have created a Dropbox folder https://www.dropbox.com/sh/6ns1qyd5nerxns8/AADblIiELKGb3lbVHhcPHdsEa?dl=0 containing
WBPP Calibrated Light H-a 120.000secs 2x2 00000096_a_c.xisf : File calibrated by WBPP script
ImageCalibration Light H-a 120.000secs 2x2 00000096_a_c.xisf : same as above except calibrated with ImageCalibration process
Screenshot - 4_7_2020 , 2_30_40 PM.jpg : a screenshot of the ImageCalibration process parameters used
masterFlat-BINNING_2-FILTER_H-a.xisf : The master flat file used in both scenarios
masterDark-BINNING_2-EXPTIME_120.xisf : The master dark file used in both scenarios
NGC 7293 20190923 Light H-a 120.000secs 2x2 00000096_a.xisf : The raw light subframe used in both scenarios
WBPP crashed run 20200407184900.log : the log file produced from the initial WBPP run which crashed
WBPP log calibrate only 20200407200718.log : the log file produced from a calibrate only run of WBPP (attempting to isolate the problem)

Since the light frames are not calibrated correctly, the subsequent step of computing descriptors yields invalid results which triggers the script to abort on 2020-04-07 18:46:50] ** Warning [156]: C:/Program Files/PixInsight/src/scripts/WeightedBatchPreprocessing/WeightedBatchPreprocessing-engine.js, line 2035: assignment to undeclared variable images

This problem does not occur every time I use WBPP. But it is reproducible for this example.

If I am doing something wrong, please let me know.

Thank you,