WBPP tutorial series


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Feb 1, 2014
I have created a series of YouTube Videos that cover many different elements of WBPP. wbpp_poster_story_arc.jpg
As a fundamental "pipeline" script, I felt it was necessary to have as complete a description as possible concerning its use, logic, and flexibility concerning the combination of sensors and calibration frames that are fed into it.

You can find the series on YouTube for everyone here:
(this is the playlist for the 9 sections that are currently published)

Section 8 in particular summarizes some of the themes found throughout the series.

There are still a few more sections I hope to create that demonstrate specific variations with regards to CMOS/OSC and DLSR data.

Adam Block



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Hi Adam - Thanks soooooo much for creating this series of tutorials. I watched all 9 with interest (I especially liked Part 8 with the visual explanations). I've recently switched to a CMOS sensor and was still trying to calibrate the CMOS data like my old DSLR camera data. Nothing but heartache!!! After watching your tutorials I've successfully calibrated my ASI1600MM Pro data and am getting beautiful flat calibrated frames. No more Bias frames for me!!!

Can't tell you how much better I feel now that I can finally process data from my new camera. Thanks, thanks, thanks!!!

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