Unable to determine Frame Type Message


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Oct 22, 2018
I am trying to add my light frames using the BPP script and I am getting the error message 'Unable to determine Frame Type in PixInsight'

My input light frames are from Sharpcap Pro in a FITS format.

I do not have this problem when I use lights from APT.


PTeam Member
Nov 23, 2009
check the FITS header of one of the images (open it onto the desktop in PI, then select File > Fits Header.)

if the IMAGETYP keyword is not present in the file generated by Sharpcap Pro, that is the problem. chances are it's missing a bunch of stuff because that keyword is pretty fundamental.

you can still add your frames using "add custom..." - in that dialog there are drop-down menus for setting the filter name, frame type and duration.