SubframeSelector output naming


Aug 25, 2018
I'd like to have a way to add a ranking prefix to outputted files in SubframeSelector. The highest weighted would get "1_", second "2_" etc.
It would make it easier to test different integration lengths without having to output multiple sets, or hunting for files to exclude. Sorting the files by name would put them in weight order, and you could simply choose the higher ranked ones to integrate. And ImageIntegration would automatically have the best one at the top without clicking the set reference button. I think blinking the weight sorted frames after alignment would be quite interesting too.


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Jul 28, 2020
I would not use that specifically but have a similar need. Right now I get a notepad and make note of the top ranked half dozen from Luminance (or Ha), then the top ranked one of each filter. The former form my star alignment master, the latter my filter specific reference for integration. It's painful and often by the time I am ready to integrate I can't find my note. :(

What I've wanted and it is somewhat similar is a way to rename the file slightly before output (right in the UI), but something like the above would work fine also. Where there is now a prefix and suffix, how about allowing a few pre-defined tokens, like $$WEIGHT$$ or $$RANK$$ or $$FILTERRANK$$, then you could do something like

prefix: $$RANK$$_
Postfix: _a

But also get the ranking by filter, or the calculated weights, or maybe even eccentricity and fwhm (though I think those are a bit less useful later vs during the subframe selector).