StarTrailsBlending 2.0


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I want to share with you a totally rewritten version of my old script StarTrailsBlending, posted several years ago*. The script blends a sequence of images to generate a composed final image, with the option of saving incremental intermediate images (and you can make a nice animation with your favorite time-lapse application :cool:)


I have added some additional options, such as two blending modes (Lighten and Screen), the option to reverse the order of the images, and change the persistence of previous images (generating a fade effect, 100% = no fade). Here some examples (little crops)

STB-1.jpg STB-2.jpg
STB-3.jpg STB-4.jpg
STB-5.jpg STB-6.jpg

And two little animations (simple GIFs, external program)

STB-anim-1.gif STB-anim-2.gif

I want to thanks to @astroedo for the webinar Introduction to PixInsight Scripting with the PJSR, the video inspired me to remove my rust and open the Script Editor again to rewrite this old script with updated and more solid knowledge.

Zip file attached. I hope you find it useful. If you find it very very useful, you can buy us an earl grey tea at PixInsight Resources 😉

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* July 2010...OMG! 😬