SHO-AIP Update Version 1.2.6 - 27th May


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Everytime I update PI, I have to re-install this script and I can never remember how to do it. May I suggest to add install instructions into a readme or something? Oh, and by the way - how do you install it? Thanks for the great script.
Juan did say he was going to include it in the general PI release as it used to be, but this has not been done as yet


May 8, 2020
Thanks you for the link. I downloaded SHO-AIP but when I go to Script/Feature Scripts and click Add at the bottom SHO-AIP is not in my list of Downloads. If I just go into downloads directly on the computer it is there but not when I'm going through Pixinsight. What am I doing wrong?


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Nov 18, 2017
SHO-AIP: I downloaded the After perhaps unnecessarily changing the folder name to ShoAip and renaming the content files without the <._> prefix, I final got it to show up on the script list. I provided it with images to work on, but it executes down to where it says: <Line 1917 Reference Error VERSION_SHO is not defined> I didn't try to fix this in the JavaScript code. So maybe this fix is still needed.


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Sep 22, 2007
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To install any out of release script, it is easy :
Create a custom script folder in your hard disk (in my documents folder for example),
Unzip all files you can get (for example, SHOAIP, EZsuite... ) and keep them in each subfolder (better for update)
Under Pixinsight, Script-->Feature Scripts--> select the custom folder in my documents, then all recursive folder inside will be analyzed and every scrip will be installed.
If you have to update PI core, uninstall, then, you need to only add this custom folder 1 time after reinstalling.
If you have script update, just change them in custom folder. Maybe regenerate if needed

I run this since the begining of PI scripts. I never got any issue, Windows or MacOS !