Rho Ophiuchi setting over peaks in the eastern Sierra


Jun 29, 2020
I've been recently doing a project to show various deep sky objects setting over terrestrial landscapes to give some sense to their scale. Rho Ophiuchi, pictured here, is about 9x13 full moons wide in the sky, so huge, and although the star formation can easily be seen to the right of the summer Milky Way in the northern hemisphere, the colorful gas clouds behind them are not easily visible to the naked eye.

This was taken with a 100mm lens, full frame DSLR, and star tracker in the high Sierra of California, USA. I set my camera up for 30s subs, had the star tracker on for about 2 hours until it set to this height, and then turned off the star tracker and continued to expose the still ground.

More pictures from this series at https://instagram.com/dheeranet/