Overscan issues....


My current WBPP session won't run because is says the Overscan settings are not set. This is a first for me. My light, dark, bias and flat frames assembly has not changed, all done with my ASI2600MC and ASIAIR Pro.My sense is that I may have enabled Overscan Correction by mistake in WBPP, as was noted in the Forum. Which says I can disable it, but it does not say how. 1). Are there any clear cut directions for doing this? 2.) Wild Card: I have just started using drizzle x2 with my OSC. Does this have any affect on overscan? As for now I can't make WBPP run until I resolve this.
Thanks, that works. Also I found resetting WBPP to "factory" settings also clears it..
My real issue was in my BIAS frames..I had loaded frames that I had mistakenly shot with the lens cover off - having deleted the good ones.. New BIAS frames solve my LN issue..My big lesson learned is MOST ISSUES WITH WBPP ARE FROM BAD CALIBRATION FRAMES. Terrible FLATS cause PSF and RANSAC issuesl.In the end, it boills down to the old Garbage In Garbage Out Syndrome, and have turned over a new leaf. Not surprisingly my well taken images are now shining! If any other NOOBS stumble on this post, I hope this helps.....
Thanks again to the Forum Team members. You folks are great!