Network error: HTTP response code = 301


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Jun 5, 2011
I run PixInsight since 2011. I still use Windows 7 and PixInsight version 1.8.5. Today when I started PixInsight I got a window asking me to activate the software. I have entered my ID and password and got

Network error: HTTP response code = 301

I don't use any virus scanner on my computer and did not (intentionally) change anything in the recent days. I tried to repair the installation, then removed it and reinstalled it. These steps didn't help as restarting the computer also didn't solve the issue.
What could be the reason for the trouble?

Tahir Saban

Juan Conejero

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Sep 2, 2004
Valencia, Spain
Hi Tahir,

Version 1.8.5 is no longer supported or maintained. We cannot allow new license reactivations with that version for security reasons.

Please upgrade to a newer version (1.8.6 or later, ideally the latest 1.8.8-5 version) and request new license activation codes using our current licensing system, which is much more secure and easy to use. See FAQ 2.10 for more information.

Windows 7 is no longer supported by current versions of PixInsight (it was not supported officially by 1.8.5, either). Please upgrade your machine(s) to Windows 10, or use another supported operating system.