Need help with combining images in HDR composition.


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Apr 30, 2020
I have 30 long exposure( 4 min) images of M42 and I have 10 short(2sec) images, with the appropriate darks , flats , and bias to integrate them. The 4 min ones did fine. For some reason the short exp ones fail , because it says not enough stars detected for alignment. I would like to include the files here and see if someone can get them to create a master light file. I can get it to pass if I select distortion correction in image registration for the lights. ( I usually don't do that). , but the image doesn't look that good and it's still has a blown out trapezium. My single ,2sec, light subs show the trapezium just fine.
I also need to know at what stage of processing do both of the images need to be in before using HDR composition. Well , I don't know how to get all those files on here so I guess I cant be helped.

Thank you