My Format Explorer tab is gone


May 8, 2020
I'm very new to Pixinsight. I am trying to learn by watching many Youtube tutorials. Along the way I noticed that the tab on the left "Format Explorer" is gone. I don't know if I did something wrong or if it is no longer a part of the latest version since I updated.
Also I am following the Youtube tutorial by Richard Bloch on calibration and stacking and I am not getting good results. I am using CR2 files When I start out with simply trying to create a master bias my integrated file has at least as much noise as any individual frame, and neither my high or low rejection images have much in them even when I use the maximum strecth. I find the same issue with darks, and flats. Then when I try to integrate the registered frames I get one or two that succeed and 22 to 23 that fail. By the way I've been using "Images Plus" for many years and these same files work fine in Images Plus but I bought a FLI PL16803 and am switching to Sequence Generator Pro for equipment control and image capture and thought Pixinsight would be a better choice for processing than Images Plus and Photoshop.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.


PTeam Member
Nov 23, 2009
try the menu View > Explorer Windows > Format Explorer .

it should pop up and then be in the left tab area. you can also right-click on the left tab area to bring up a menu from which you can select the format explorer.



Mar 28, 2013
I just had this very same issue. I used the Format Explorer tab to set the FITS Coordinate Origin to lower left so that I could read the plate-solved FITS properly in Aladin.
And then the tab was gone.
Right-click in the left tab was the first I did t look for it. It was not there, only the remaining 5 tabs were listed.
The menu View > Explorer Windows > Format Explorer brought it back.