Mandatory property attributes (11.1.1)


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An acceptable example:
<Property id="FocalDistance" type="UInt32" value="2540" />

Could this acceptable?
<Property id="FocalDistance" type="UInt32" />
<Property id="FocalDistance" value="2540"  />

The alternative more directly maps to simple key-value structures. Of course in this case input validation must be postponed.

I am programming in a low-level language, Forth!

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Wow, Forth! Not for the casual programmer! :)

Your second examples are not valid serializations of scalar properties; see sections 11.1.1 (the id and type attributes are required) and 11.1.4 (the value attribute is required). You cannot "split" the serialization of a property into two XML elements. Properties must be unique for a given image, and we always need to know a property's identifier, type, and value.
Thank you and understood.

Forth? It's a nice language for experimenting with low-level devices. Good experience interacting with camera and mount drivers in Forth.

I'm learning a lot implementing a baseline XISF writer and I like the format very much.