M31 Globular Clusters - Reference Map

Mau Brd

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Hi All!
I hope this reference map can be a useful visual reference for the ones wanting to dig into the interesting set of the Globular Clusters of Andromeda Galaxy.

I created it using the powerful Custom Catalog feature of AnnotateImage.

I would like to thank @fredvanner that in his post in PI Forum explained the format of Custom Catalog files. To summarize here, the catalog has to be a text file, tab separates the data items, and the first three columns have to be Name, RA, Dec. Both RA and Dec have to be in decimal degrees. I do not know more than this about catalog formatting, but this was enough to complete my task.


Here is the M31 Globular Clusters Map map and here the HaRGB image, both published on Astrobin and with more details and description.


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Nice work and thanks for sharing this. I've seen Mayall II before with my 12" dob at a dark site. May I ask that, if you have a higher resolution version available that you can share, maybe on Dropbox?

EDIT: I found it on Astrobin :)
Thank you Stevek, happy you find it useful. In 2021 I took a picture of Mayall II (and unintentionally of Mayall III) and I was fascinated by the fact that we can see such remote objects.