Load a project automatically on startup?

M Covington

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Is there a way to tell PixInsight to load a project automatically upon startup? I have a "default project" containing a handful of process objects set up the way I like to use them, and I load it manually every time I start PixInsight.


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Not sure I follow the question but if you want a selection of processes displayed when you start PI then create a set of icons of those processes, choose them and save a selection. That in turn can be saved and called to list on startup. I have this "menu" save and run at PI's startup by editing the startup script. From the end of the startup script:

#endif // !__NO_PJSR_VARIABLES

.open "C:/PI_FavsFolder/all.xpsm"

// ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

// /PixInsight/etc/startup/startup.scp

// Released 2018 OCT 14

C:/PI FavsFolder is where I store the menu and this one is saved as all