Issue with Starnet ++ PI Plugin


New member
Aug 2, 2020
Hi All,

Has anyone successfully installed Starnet + +Pixinsight module for windows 10 ?. I am having issues with Pixinsight not seeing the module. First, a run down on my laptop.

It Has an intel 4000 series Dual core processor, 8GB ram, (shared Graphics) and 512GB SSD dirive. From the readme doc, it meets the requirements. Its a Windows 10 64 Bit OS, and my PI is version the most up to date.

Installation procedure.

I am following the instructions in the readme file. Downloading the file, Unzipping this file. Then i open the unzipped folder and copy and then paste the files into the PI Bin folder, as per instruction. Next i open PI, and navigate to Process > Modules > Install Modules. Then when the dialog opens, i hit the search tab, but i then get the message "0 new modules found"

Has anyone else come across this problem ?

Regards in advance