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Nov 26, 2018
Just getting into this and it is a fantastic script.
Found a bug when trying to mask bloated stars using elliptical masks with circular settings. Once you get down to star sized masks you get to the point where you can no longer reduce the diameter of the mask - I think its linked to the "Square" in the middle of the mask that is used to drag the mask around. Once the circumference of the circle touches the corner of the square you cant resize it further. It happens when you have made the circle small and then try to make it even smaller - the diameter adjustment drag circles just move the mask around. Be great if this could be fixed.

I have some other suggestions which would be very useful:
1) Allow an existing mask to be copied - click the mask to be copied and then duplicate it - very handy when you are trying to mask several big bloated stars individually.
2) When using coordinates to produce a circular mask allow any of the circumference drag adjusters to change the radius of the circle - currently you have to adjust both axes independently. I suggest have another tab, like Ellipses and Multi-point just for circles.


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Jan 12, 2014
Did you know that you can type the axes lengths and angle into the "a", "b" and "pa" boxes at upper left? You're not restricted to using the graphic. I just checked and it will allow down to 1 for the axis length. I usually use the graphic to centre the mask and then just type in the size I want.

I do agree that a copy function would be quite a nice extra.
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Mar 15, 2011
E10 N52
GAME was written to mask large objects with elliptical (galaxies) or irregular shapes (nebula). GAME uses therefore good visible and easy accessible control points.
Star masks are better suited to cover tiny and round objects. One candidate in the line of these tools is MaskGen. MaskGen is astrometry based and requires distortion corrected images. Two catalogues are used as sources for bright stars (BSC5) and stars up to mag 21.7 (GAIA-DR2). MaskGen renders round stars per default. Elliptical stars require a supportive psf image created by PSFImage. Evaluate this psf image first and apply the view to the MaskGen script.

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