FITSKeywords Script To Support XISF files


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Feb 1, 2009
Clever and light way, thank you. I will see how to use it in FITSFileManager (but not before 2 weeks, I can stay confined for weeks for the work I planned to do ...).
Is there an official description of the PI current standard (layout) for scripts?Juan kindly updated my script to the standard, and I would lie to maintain it standardized..


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There isn't a standard as such but Juan does not like the use of the with statement for obvious reasons and he always insists on the correct copyright information.......maybe Juan should publish some sort of basic standard that would help us, trouble is he has more than enough to do. It also needs the additional files like change-log, product-info and copyright.
Looking at your script it looks OK to me from Juan has said.

Do you know who initially wrote this script?
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