Darks not collabrating


Feb 16, 2020
when I try to calibrate a batch of photos I get a warning in purple saying: Warning Master Dark is not collabrating with images. Does this mean the darks are not being calibrated into the lights? If not why? I took the darks right after the lights and they are the same exposure and gain> do I have a setting that is off somewhere?


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Nov 23, 2009
maybe you mean "no correlation between master dark and light"? that happens if there is some mismatch between the dark duration, gain or offset, or if the temperature of the dark is wildly different from the lights. this is a result of having "optimize darks" ticked since in this situation PI tries to find a scaling factor for the dark that minimizes the noise in the result. the warning means it could not find a relationship between the dark and the light.

since it sounds like you are using a CMOS camera it's probably better to not optimize the darks until you have a handle on how the camera behaves.
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