Compile and install dll on Windows


Sep 3, 2016
I'm trying to modify and install my own version of ImageIntegration-pxm.dll on Windows 10. Using
Pixinsight 1.8.8-5 (x64)
Microsoft Visual C++ 2019 with settings Debug x64.
PCL is latest

I've gotten this to work in the past but now after compile/build when I copy ImageIntegration-pxm.dll to the PixInsight bin directory and start Pixinsight. I get the messsage:

<* failed *>

*** PixInsight API Error: Module: C:/Program Files/PixInsight/bin/ImageIntegration-pxm.dll

Cannot load library C:\Program Files\PixInsight\bin\ImageIntegration-pxm.dll: A dynamic link library (DLL) initialization routine failed.: Module load error

Any helpful hints?

Doug Gardner