Batch histogram / STF processing for a list of files

chris duffey

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May 6, 2016
Hi All,

I am trying an experiment to create a video of the variable star fluctuations in M3,  I have about 120, 1 minute subs that have been through the calibration and registration process and now I need to convert them to png or bmp format to create a video from.  Obviously the images are still in linear space and I need to make STF them.  I'd like to use a single image as a reference and then STF every file relative to that images levels.  I can do the format conversion using batch format conversion so dealing with native .xisf is fine.  I am pretty sure a script could be written to do this but I am not nearly experienced enough with PI to do that.  Any thoughts or direction on how to proceed ? Any existing script (I searched and could only find one that did STF for views inside PI)

Thank You !



PTeam Member
Nov 23, 2009
the blink process will do something like this - if autoSTF is applied to the images in the UI, then when the images are written out prior to making a movie, the STF is applied before the images are written out. so try loading all your images into blink, then clicking the topmost STF icon to calculate the STF for each image individually, then click the little movie clapper button at the bottom. i don't think you need to install ffmpeg - it generates the frames first and then looks for ffmpeg afterwards, so it will fail but the images will be written out to disk. by default it writes png but i think you can change that to any file format.