Aperture Photometry - fails when switching targets


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Jul 8, 2015
PI version: 1.8.8-5 Ripley (x64)
Aperture Photometry script: 1.4.7

When using Aperture Photometry I load 6 images, the first 3 images selected are Target 1, the next 3 images are Target 2. When the script executes, the Target 1 images process successfully, but the next 3 images, Target 2, generate an error:

*** Error: Failure to process image file 'F:/RRab Project/CAL Images/New/calibrated/light/GCVS CD Scl-0001-sr_c.xisf': Could not locate any stars in the image

But, if I remove the first three images, Target 1 and then execute the script then the Target 2 images now process successfully. It is as if changing the target in the same run fails to refresh the star catalog.