Alternative to P.launchInterface()


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I have seen some discussion on the recent update preventing the use of P.launch interface, I'm not a programmer (just a keen amateur) so I wanted to know what code has replaced this command ?

I have a script where I generate the initial box placements for the DynamicBackgroundExtration process, where I supply the data for and P.samples, but the script now says I lack entitlement to perform operation. I don't understand the detail behind the recent security changes and my scripts are not shared with anyone, I just want to know how I should change my code to call the process with my provided data. Could a simple generic script example be given, showing the new code to launch a process with some prescribed data.
This can be done without problems in version 1.8.9-1 of PixInsight, which is now almost finished. In this version you can generate a local code signing identity very easily. The local signing identity has no limitations and persists across application executions, so this is a one-time action. I am also finishing an article where the new code security system is described in detail, but unfortunately I have a huge work load because of other development priorities, so I'm being a bit slow with this.

If you want I can share a working 1.8.9-1 version with you for testing.
I looked at the documentation and browsed the discussion, but my understanding is that you need to sign the script after any change even to execute it locally. I just tried two lines of code in the ScriptEditor to understand something and got the privilege violation message.
If we have to sign a script during development every time we change one line, this is not going to work. Did I miss something ?
The aforementioned entitlements have been removed in version 1.8.9-1, so you can call ProcessInstance.launchInterface() without special requirements since the next version.

If you are developing scripts that require special entitlements (which is very unlikely), you can either use your local signing identity (two clicks, and signing can be automated very easily) or become a certified PixInsight developer. Everything is described in this document:

If you have seen previous versions of this document, please refresh your browser, since I have updated it yesterday. It now reflects the complete security system that will be released with version 1.8.9-1.