2DPlot Javascript Version 4


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Mar 15, 2011
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Hi all,

my script from 2014 was replaced with a completely new version.

2DPlot version 4 has a reading and a writing component.

As before, the reading part creates the intensity profiles from an image. This is essential for many analyzes. Star selections and drawings of the PSF have also been added.

In the writing part, 2DPlot becomes a drawing tool with which lines are drawn and transferred to the view.

What for?

Everyone knows the problem with satellite tracks and how to remove them. 2DPlot supports this task with the visual determination of the start and end points as well as a variable setting of the stroke widths. A black line (I = 0) is always drawn in the grayscale image or in RGB with selective channel selection.

The learning curve shouldn't be too long. Then it says: Musk can come.

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