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Image download trick
« on: 2010 October 03 11:16:02 »
FOr those of you that have remote observatories (either yards from your house or thousands of miles away) here is something I have worked out that is pretty slick IMO.  You can install Dropbox on your obs computer, and set your image path to My Documents/My DropBox.  You then create a shared folder into to which the images will be put(ie AstroImages, or weever sub folder AstroImages/NGC****).

Now install Dropbox on your home computer.  During an imaging session each image goes into dropbox and within minutes appears in your Dropbox on the home  computer.  For automated runs when you go to your computer at home in the morning you will find all your images already there, no need to use ftp.

DropBox has a free trial with a 2Gb capacity so you can check this scheme out for free.  If it works most likely you want to upgrade to pro level of Dropbox with either 50 or 100 Gb capacity.

We have been using this at a couple of obs and it has worked like a charm.  In instances where two people might be collaborating you each are listed in the shared folder and therefore each get the images in your home dropboxes.

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