Author Topic: Swap file insufficient space error  (Read 101 times)

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Swap file insufficient space error
« on: 2019 April 20 07:06:34 »
I've received errors associated with swap space that cause the program to not allow any further work.   This is the second time I've gotten the error.  After searching on the issue I've seen a couple of things that are probably going on.    1) that my C:/temp should be renamed to C:/ .   Although thought this might have been fixed long ago.  2)  This C drive has ~200G of space of NVMe drive available but likely only using 8Gb since I'm also using a bunch of folders in 8 GB of ram disk, giving me a total of only 16G.   It's the ramdisk that seems to be getting the error and I've read in some posts that it's the smallest swap space which defines the limit of all other spaces.   I have 32G of RAM and allocating 8G to the ramdisk.    Since I have super-fast NVMe, maybe it doesn't make sense to use the ramdisk and just stick with the C swap space.

That said, I'm still a bit surprised that the program faults rather than managing the space.     Maybe I'm doing something else wrong.    Some screen shots of the errors and my swap configuration.   This is a 64b windows 10 system.