Author Topic: Network error: PI does not start without Internet connection - why?  (Read 222 times)

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yes, I did try the search function. It didn't find my case (why? Am I really the only one experiencing this issue?)

I was happy to read this statement of PI-team's FAQ page:
2.4 Does the commercial version require an active Internet connection to work?

Not at all. The commercial PixInsight application only requires an active connection to carry out the online license activation procedure, which is a one-time procedure that takes place the first time you run the PixInsight core application on a new machine. Once activated, the commercial application does not need an active Internet connection.

Our automatic update system requires an active Internet connection to download information and data for available update packages. However, the update system can be disabled via preferences. When the update system fails to connect to our server, this does not prevent the application from continuing to work normally.

Unfortunately, it does not!

PI complains with an error message like "Network error: PI could not resolve xyz-server" or so.
Of course not, it is NOT connected to the internet! Only if software requires it for installation.
I can click on OK but PI won't continue, it stops. Only a restart of it WITH an active internet connection will keep it starting up completely.

During installation and 1st startup it was connected, started up and downloaded some 6 upgrades I think. Fine. Disconnected ntwk-cable and it continued. But, at the next startup it didn't, came up with the above mentioned error-message.
Eventually it's just a setting thing but I couldn't find a place where to set this.

It is very important to me that my important PC is NOT connected to the internet resp. for very special purposes ONLY!
I think PI has all I need/want and I'm almost sure I want to stay with it and buy it.
But, it MUST be operable independently of the internet!
So, what can be done to eliminate this error?

Your help is much appreciated, thanks in advance!
- okdi

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You are using the trial version. The trial version needs internet to work. Once you purchase it, you can use PixInsight without internet.

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I understand. Can live with that so far. Thank you  ;)