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Software analyses of your data, and PI?


Couple weeks ago I bucked up and paid the license on PI (my trial had expired). I think it was a sound investment that will pay dividends over time (less dividend now as I am on the far left side a the learning curve). With that said, one item that probably put me over the edge on getting PI was the script called sub-frame selector, and the process of said name.

As you are aware, you browse your data files into the script and run the measure tool, and ouila, you get numerical measurements of the two most important that I know of, eccentricity and FWHM. (EDIT:  since I ran the process, the values were closer to what one might expect, though they are still all under 1.0, they appear to be within range of each other. I would think that with trails, the eccentricity  values would exceed 1.0)

The problem: As far as I can tell, the yielded values are questionable. For example, I purposely included a data file of one where a cloud came in and PHd lost its star, and left the image with long and ugly trails. Sub-frame selector values for that sub leave it indistinguishable from the other files which were within good tracking.

 See for yourself.

But with that said I would love to read how you are able to qualitatively analyse your data. Sub-frame selector gives an eccentricity value of .8534

This first sub is represented on the script, second one from the bottom..  ..009

And here is a pic of a better framed sub within the series, yet still something is not quite right, but you wouldn't know it by the subframe values. Or would you?

hi - the advice you are getting on CN is good; probably no need for me to go into this here.



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