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I am newbie learning to use PixInsight, mainly following the tutorials and workflow examples and working through Warren Keller's very helpful book.
This image of the Bubble Nebula of 4 exposures x 10 minutes, was taken in august last summeer from Madrid with an ED80 and a Canon EOS 400D.

The image has too much noise and I not happy with the process

The steps I did are:
- Dynamic Crop,
- Background Neutralization, Colour Calibration,
- Histogram Transformation,
- Noise reduction to Chrominance using ACDNR,
- HDR Multiscale Transform,
- desaturate the background using CurvesTransformation,
- Curves - Saturation protecting background with L mask..

But here is my result attached:  :-[

I would be very grateful if somebody wants to play with the image the integrated FITS is in this link:

Thank you for advice

Hello Miguel, I think you need more exposure time, especially if you are working with an unmodified camera and at the native focal ratio of the ED80.

Hello dld
Thanks for your comment, I agree that it needs more exposure time and that the shots are not very good but I wanted to know what could be done by squeezing the image with better processing

Thank you!

The image, I think is pretty good.  Newbie or not, I would be pretty happy with the stars like that at an exposure of 10 minutes.  Apparently the best way to deal with noise is to take more exposures, I believe that the signal to noise ratio increases by the square root of the number of exposures.  If you look at some of the photos, other practitioners are collecting hours of data.

Hi mamr4,

It is a nice image.  Like the others said you need more of them to integrate.  I spent about 10 minutes and got the following result.




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