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CFA Settings
« on: 2018 March 19 09:53:51 »
1. General use of CFA settings throughout the process
   - Specifying CFA (detect/force a pattern/ignore) appear in ImageCalibration (Flats and Lights), CosmeticCorrection, Debayer and DrizzleIntegration, all of which are part of my processing an imaging session.
   - When should I specify this, and how do I know if Detection is the right choice for me?  Is there anything from the FITS headers that can help me come up with a rule specific to my equipment and/or imaging capture software?  How does my equipment influence these choices?  It is assumed that we do all captures with the same equipment (in my case, an OSC CCD).
   - How do I know if “Detect CFA” settings are appropriate for my images? Is there something in the FITS headers that I can look for?

2. CFA settings in Image Calibration -> Master Dark
   - does it matter on Flats calibration?
   - does it matter on Lights calibration?
   - my images are saved as FITS and captured with an OSC CCD
   - If my process involves a Debayer step after calibration of Lights, does “Detect CFA” matter at all when specifying Darks under ImageCalibration?

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