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Re: Planetary
« Reply #15 on: 2017 July 12 19:37:27 »
AutoStakkert works well using Wine in Linux.  I use Crossover Office, and I expect that Mac users would be able to do the same to run AutoStakkert.

I had a series of DSLR files, and that was what didn't stack well in AutoStakkert.  It stacked my SER files from my ASI 224MC quite well.

I use PC machines and I know from my limited time being involved with these freebies that there are definitely more than one way people are finding them to be operational. Something funny someone suggested to me when I was asking for help getting Autostakkart to work was to run my video through PIPP as it somehow fixes a problem. And when you install PIPP it recommends installing a codec that you don't need but Registax does. It is very convoluted.

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Re: Planetary
« Reply #16 on: 2017 July 22 00:20:52 »

I'm glad to know the old FFTRegistration script is still useful. I wrote this script back in 2005. Wow, that's 12 years ago!

A new tool for feature-based image registration (probably using SURF descriptors, or maybe our own descriptors) is on the drawing board. It will include a high-performance arbitrary distortion correction algorithm similar to the next version of the StarAlignment tool, which will be released after the initial PixInsight 1.8.5 version. This new tool will be a primary building block for panorama generators in PixInsight. It will be also great for registration of lunar images and generation of lunar mosaics.

Good to see more than deepsky processing tools on the roadmap, (almost) everyone wants to make some solar system images also  :)

The panorama generator can that help to change a fussy looking tree (due to StarAlignment) in a sharp one?

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Re: Planetary
« Reply #17 on: 2019 February 14 03:07:09 »
Found this thread as I own Pixinsight and want to use it to process planetary .avi's

Still searching for the answer but...

So funny to see people raving about other software when, as has been pointed out, this thread was about Pixinsight functionality - not AutoStakkert.

And calling that a hammer (instead of a multifunction knife) is hilarious - AutoStakkert is at best a noodle - you'll spend your life getting it to work - we want PI to provide this functionality so our time and expertise are localised in software - duh.....


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Re: Planetary
« Reply #18 on: 2019 February 17 06:43:29 »
FFTRegistration in PI works very well for aligning lunar images, and the processing tools PI offers allow for excellent lunar image processing.

What's missing in my opinion is the video frame analysis to select the very best frames for alignment and stacking.

Here's an example from last night: stack of 30 x 0.003 second frames at full resolution with my ASI1600 at 1050 mm. Unfortunately the forum requires that attachments be smaller than 0.5 MB, so resolution is degraded here, but honestly PI is a GREAT tool for these images. Now we just need a way to extract and select frames from a video file.