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General / Re: Stretching in PI
« on: 2013 January 02 15:44:32 »

my question was maybe misleading. I thought PI computes the stretching factors (including the background) depending of the S/N ratio of the picture. But maybe this is to complex or it doesn´t make sense at all.

CS Frank

General / Re: Stretching in PI
« on: 2013 January 02 13:48:31 »
Hello Herbert,

frohes Neues Jahr!:-)

OK, i thought the aggressivness is calculated by PI automatically . So if not what is the benefit of using STF instead of a standard histogram curve?

Maybe i have a total wrong idea of stretching at all:-)

CS Frank

General / Stretching in PI
« on: 2013 January 02 12:11:19 »
Hello Everyone,

this is my first Post here, so i´m very new to PI and its functions.

One of the first and most interesting things about PI is the automatic stretching function. I was told that PI is able to compute for instance, the same stretching for a Set of LRGB Images.
So this is described in one of the video tutorials on the PI Webpage.

I´m now trying to stretch some narrowband Data. I used the Auto Button in STF and drop and dragged this tho the Histogram function window. But the Auto Stretch seems to be very aggressiv and my resulting picture shows a lot of noise.

I´m a bit confused about the "right" way to stretch data in PI now. Maybe someone could bring some light into my confusion.

CS Frank

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