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General / Re: Theli an PI Channel Combination
« on: 2017 February 12 04:03:06 »
Regarding the initial posts in this thread, just a quick remainder of three important facts:

- This is PixInsight Forum, not a general astrophotography forum where you can talk freely of anything.

- This is professional software development: I need to sell licenses to pay the invoices. PixInsight exists and will exist exclusively if we can sell licenses; nobody helps us economically at all.

- Competing applications are not my friends. The developers of competing commercial applications are not my friends. The developers of competing freeware or open-source applications are not my friends. I respect them and I hope they'll respect me, but we are competing and will be competing. It would be nice if we'd collaborate, work together, share experiences, etc, but unfortunately this is not how things are.

There are thousands of hard work hours and lots of hope behind PixInsight and its tools. I understand that this is a hobby for you, and that's great, I hope PixInsight will help you to enjoy it much more. But please understand that I am not here to enjoy hearing how you prefer using other software applications instead of PixInsight, especially when they offer nothing more or better than PixInsight. Please respect my work and the work of other developers that have created and create PixInsight, that's all I ask for.

Hi Juan,

My (our) Problem is not e general Problem of Astrophotography, it´s a problem that is specific in PI. So i thought it´s the best to ask this question here.

I respect the fact that you need to sell licenses. Guess what, i´ve buyed one, telling everyone what a great peace of Software PI is. And you are getting personal on the fact, that i also use other softwares?

I´m not into Software Development so i can´t say anything about competition between developers. A fact is: Theli was never written for Amateurastrophotographers. It was supposed to used by professionals who either way use the professional softwares which are implemented in Theli (Astromatics Tools). So no competition at all! Just a bunch of people from Austria and Germany tried working with Theli a couple of years ago, and some did succesfully while many failed. When PI Core came out almost everyone of those guys switched over to PI! PI destroyed a vivid Community of a minority of astrophotographers. Some of them are giving PI workshops today:-) So come on what is your problem? I did a Workshop about Theli at CEDIC in 2013. 15 people sitting there. A day later Vicent did a PI Workshop with 150 people. Still not satisfied?

The Author of Theli is a nice guy. You want some collaboration? Did you ever asked him?

As far as i know,most of the PI user will also work with Photoshop. You don´t like to hear this either? Well then you have a lot of work to do.
Concerning Theli: Just offer some B-V Calibration and a registration based on Star Catalogs and i´m yours! :-)

Back to topic:

I do have three color channels, already background substracted and Color Calibrated. All i need is to combine them in a 1:1:1 ratio. That works in all other softwares except for PI. Who, if not you could help us with this problem? I suspect the FITS Format, and so do you. If you do don´t want to investigate on this because you don´t like me, fine:-) But i hope you jump over your own shadow.

CS Frank

General / Re: Theli an PI Channel Combination
« on: 2017 February 11 17:20:46 »

Could you please upload the color image you generate in PixInsight?


Hi Vicent,

i will, but not before Monday, as i´m not at Home.

Just a suggestion: I suspect the Format Settings more, than the Algorithm of the Channel Combination Module. What about the Override Embedded Settings? Like ICC Profile for example?

CS Frank

General / Re: Theli an PI Channel Combination
« on: 2017 February 11 08:53:30 »
Hi Juan,

maybe i do from time to time in the future, but for now i don´t change my workflow. I´m very happy with Theli and it is hard to beat by any software speaking of quality.

Any other suggestions?

CS Frank

General / Theli an PI Channel Combination
« on: 2017 February 11 07:47:55 »

i use Theli for my data reduction, and start imageprocessing with already color calibrated Fits Files, out of Theli.
The Channel Combination always fails, and produces very bad looking RGB Images, with totally wrong colors. It seems like PI interprets the Fits Files somehow wrong.

I have to add, that Theli gives out Fits Files with WCS headers and Plate Solvings. These look much different then standard Fits Headers.

What could be the reason for this fail, and what is a possible solution. Right now i open my single R G and B Fits Files in a third party software, combine them to RGB and then open this one in PI.

CS Frank

General / Re: BatchPreProcessing vs single Integration Steps
« on: 2017 January 31 09:55:55 »
Hi Geoff,

i had this paper already, but not studied yet.
Thank You

General / BatchPreProcessing vs single Integration Steps
« on: 2017 January 29 15:42:05 »
Hi there,

i´m looking for the best ImageIntegration Process for my monochrome CCD Images. So, the BatchPreProcessing Script is very handy an so. But are there advantages to go through the single Processing Steps? What would you look for, or do you have any recommendations to yield the best results?

I´ve used a professionell Software for years, but i´m frustrated because of its sensitivity. I´m looking for a way to yield the best SNR, best FWHM and superior Background extraction and resampling.

CS Frank

General / Re: Crop Lum and RGB
« on: 2015 February 17 13:37:59 »
Ahhh Easy, Thank you!

CS Frank

General / Crop Lum and RGB
« on: 2015 February 17 11:10:18 »

i´d like to crop two (or more) already aligned Frames, the Luminance and the RGB Chanel. Is that possible and if yes, how?

CS Frank

General / Image covered with Nebula, DBE?
« on: 2014 May 01 11:06:41 »
Hi there,

i do have an image almost covered with dark nebula. There is just a small filed of "plain" background in one of the corners of the image. how should i do the DBE in that case?

CS Frank

General / Re: Stretching with Masks
« on: 2014 February 07 14:40:04 »
Hi Geoff,

it´s not THAT bad Data:-)
And i´d like to know in general if masking does make sense at a very first stretch.

CS Frank

General / Stretching with Masks
« on: 2014 February 07 12:51:49 »
Hi there,

i´ve browsed through several Postings and Tutorials, but couldn´t find the right answers.

I do have an image, which has some blurred stars due to bad focussing, seeing etc. I´d like to mask the stars from the first stretching on. I´ve tried masked stretch script which seems to work nicely concerning the stars, but which is not aggressiv enough to stretch my image to a good point.

So what would be you´re way to solve my problem?

CS Frank

General / Re: Enhancing Ha Black and White
« on: 2014 February 07 08:03:43 »
Hi Rob,

thanks for your suggestions, i will give it a try.

CS Frank

General / Enhancing Ha Black and White
« on: 2014 February 04 10:52:19 »
Hi There,

to get more comfortable with PI, i´d like to process some Data of an Ha BW Picture. What are the suggested Tools to enhance such Pictures in Contrast, Details and make it more spectacular?

Looking forward to all you suggestions.

CS Frank

General / Re: Stretching in PI
« on: 2013 January 04 16:19:15 »
autoSTF is going to compute some statistics on the image and stretch accordingly. so by "the same" i don't mean stretching with the same parameters/amount but stretching such that the brightness of the results is similar. you just want the L and RGB to have similar histograms before combination. that's what autoSTF does...


this is my Question. What is happening here exactly? I can´t find anything according this "computations" neither in the description of STF nor in any Tutorials.

CS Frank

General / Re: Stretching in PI
« on: 2013 January 03 09:36:36 »
Hello Kai,

of course i know. I´m talking about the possibility of transfering the stf stretch to the histogram.

CS Frank

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