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I think I spoke to soon...seems you still get the "missing checkpoint file" error whenever you run it within a saved project file

Yet another update :P!!!....Fired up my Default project setup and it now works fine...not sure why I had to launch and close a new instance for it to work within a project?

Update....StarNet worked in a new PI "instance" but not within an existing project...I use a default project setup when starting PI for processing.

Further clarification...the standalone exe is from the windows application not the PI process module.. ;)

I managed to use the command line exe (outside of PI) without a problem and it is very effective

Love to try this out but I keep getting the "missing checkpoint file" error. Downloaded the zip file and reinstalled the files as per instructions several times but to no avail?

Thanks Mike,

That is the way I did it in the past...just needed to remember to "regenerate" the feature scripts to make them show up in the new directory.


Hi All,

I very often forget that there is a script that I need to use because the available categories are limited and not all scripts appear (at least to me  ;)) in the appropriate category in the drop down menu.

I recall being able to edit the script to change the category but this doesn't seem to work any more.

Any tips?


New Scripts and Modules / Re: Subframe Selector PCL Module
« on: 2018 February 14 23:32:29 »
Thanks.....I guess that's the (not so obvious) thing I missed....P

New Scripts and Modules / Re: Subframe Selector PCL Module
« on: 2018 February 14 21:45:35 »

I am probably missing something really obvious here...but how do I output only the approved frames to a separate directory......after measuring the sub-frames I change to "output Sub-frames but it outputs all of them included the rejected frames?


Works a charm :D

I have tried just about every combination of populated/unpopulated tabs and checked/unchecked boxes with the some result.

Step by step instructions:

Invoke script
put master bias in bias tab
put master dark in dark tab
put master flat in flat tab
leave lights empty (for ease of reuse)
check appropriate boxes
set cc box to template
drag instance to desktop


Thanks Michael,

I tested using the master flats generated from your script and they calibrated the lights perfectly.

Even if I do not use your script I now better understand how it and the original works.  It would be nice (hint..hint) if there were more options to apply different bias and dark's for different gains reported in the fits header and to chose how calibration is applied to flats, darks and lights...especially with the idiosyncrasies of CMOS chips which are becoming much more prevalent.

Anyway back to the error issue.....I simply drag an instance icon (triangle) to the desktop, close the script, double click on the process icon and then click on the global (circle) icon on the script console that pops up....and up comes the BPP problems with original script.


That's good to know... I need to do some test runs......but first ;) a couple more clarifications....

Using the script and a master bias and uncalibrated flats with  "Bias as flat dark" checked ....... I can generate my (bias subtracted) master flats?

If I use these master flats and master darks and NO master bias and uncheck "Bias as flat dark" and "Optimize dark frames" can I calibrate my lights without bias subtracting my master darks?

I have copied your script to the scrip directory under pixinsight and regenerated it but I still get the error when I execute a desktop instance?

If I can't resolve instance execution problem can I achieve the same solution by populating the original BPP script using the master darks and the bias subtracted flats (generated by your script) with "optimize darks" unchecked?

I very much appreciate the time you have taken in explaning your script...even if I don't end up using it :D


Ok...that makes sense...especially if I read the pop up more carefully :-[

A question the master bias subtracted from the master dark (I create the master dark manually outside of the BPP script)?


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