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General / Clone stamp no longer making sharp edges
« on: 2019 June 16 07:16:56 »
I need to paint a sharp-edged circle to guide DefectMap to an area in need of repair. I used to do this all the time using clone stamp to make the circle on a copy of the image (as per attached image) then manipulating that into a template for the defect map. But it stopped making sharp-edged circles. See attached.

Any ideas what I'm doing wrong or what has changed?

General / Color space confusion...need help
« on: 2019 April 19 13:46:37 »
Hi, I have a problem. Normally I work in ProPhoto, and convert to sRGB for final output. However, I did something wrong at the wrong time and now have a fully processed image-that looks just like I want it to,...but I cannot save and recover that image (say as a jpg).-I think I at some point change the tag from ProPhoto to sRGB without actually transforming the profile, then continued processing. Now, if I save the image, as is, then re-open it, it is too dark and has a color shift (just like opening a ProPhoto image in a pgm that expects sRGB). If I change the tag (no transform applied) to sRGB and save it. When reopened, again it is wrong.
Is there some way to keep the image I see in PI, and assign a color space to the image (or apply some other magic or program) so that it reopens looking just like the image I saved?

Thanks, Alex

Bug Reports / 2 bugs
« on: 2019 March 26 13:58:48 »
1) Cannot slide field dividers to make more room for folder and file names in dialogs of the type shown in the attached--which are not the standard Windows dialogs
2) I new SubframeSelector, if a criterion is modified for star recognition, the re-measure button just reads the cache (unless it is unchecked). I cannot conceive a case where someone would change criteria on the form not want clicking the Measure button to do the new measurements regardless of whether the cache checkbox is checked or not.

Running latest PI, Windows 10pro up to date.


I have written a new, logical, rigorous, flexible, and user friendly--Excel spreadsheet that makes generating subframe-weighting equations (for use within SubframeSelector).

Here is the link to a zipped folder that contains the spreadsheet and the instructions:

The reason to use the SubframeSelector (SS) is not just accept/reject subs, but to assign rational weights to each frame. This is an important operation, and if you do not use SS, you should learn to do so. The idea of a rational weight scheme requires a way to evaluate variables that make a subframe better or worse. Within SS the facilities for evaluating subs is improved over the previous version, but still it is rather minimal and not very interactive. Because of this, so folks have written Excel spreadsheets to help. I am among those folks. Furthermore, as far as I know, at this time mine is the only one that runs on the new version of SS.

If you've used PixInsights SubframeSelector Script before, then you probably notice there is another version now that is under Procedures. It runs much faster and uses updated algorithms for FWHM, star identification, .... , and has 3 windows. It also is now programmed (the weighting equation) using JavaScript.

Alex Woronow

I have a process container that, as the first process, has a pixelmath process that creates a new image. I want subsequent processes to act on that new image. However, the subsequent processes act on the parent of the new image instead.
If I click the container processes one at at time, then the pixelmath's new image is active as the next procedure executes, and as expected, acts on that new image.
Is there some reason that the process container does not work the same way? Is there a coercion I can use to make it do what I need?

Thanks, Alex

Bug Reports / SubframeSelector does not handel repaired 'nan'
« on: 2019 January 08 06:50:53 »
I entered an equation that cause the all the weights to become 'nan'. Repairing the equation (setting it to 1-.5) and pressing the right arrow in the Expression window then causes the console to report "*** Error [001]: ReferenceError: nan is not defined" and no execution." Clearing the measurement table and remeasuring does not clear the nan weights, and the same error persists.
Even clearing the Measurements Table and the subframes, reload and remeasuring, the nan is still there (Cached?).
And, even exiting the procedure and coming back in, everything is restored, including the nan's.

Only by clearing all three windows, exiting the procedure and coming back in, can one remove the dreaded 'nan'.


Bug Reports / SubframeSelector needs exponentiation operator
« on: 2019 January 07 07:34:15 »
In the latest version of PI, the new implementation of the SubframeWeighting process does not accept exponentiation as either ** or ^. As many of us use an external program (usually a spreadsheet) to construct a weight equation, and, in my case, one that uses '^', this is a significant issue. I have not tried using math.pow(a,b), but that would entail a lot of rewriting and testing of my spreadsheet-equation generator (and maybe of other folks too). Could '**' be implemented, maybe, please.
Until then, I'll have to use the old script.

(I use ^2 to get distances from the best value of a variable normalized to the range of the value.)

Thanks, Alex

General / Making alpha channel truly transparent???
« on: 2018 December 05 07:43:46 »
Hi, I have an image in which I generated an alpha (transparent) channel. Now I want to display that image in PI such that the transparent parts are, actually, transparent and show whatever is below them on the PI workspace. All I can seem to get is various opaque checkerboard patterns and such. What is the procedure to get a transparent transparency?

Shopping for a new computer for me and my spouse. We are both into image processing and enhancement, although only I do astro-images. We are looking at the Microsoft Surface Book 2 or Surface Studio. Has anyone run the PI Benchmark Script on these? The are said to have slow SSD, but all those complaints seem a bit old. Anyway, we need some type of drawing monitor and fast PI machine. Budget is under $4000--the farther under the better!

Thanks, Alex and Karen

In the last year or so, I've never run an image integration without getting the above WARNING!
The fl of the singular instrument is specified in each subframe: "FOCALLEN | 3367.0". How do I eliminate that warning?

General / Annotation for Herbig-Haro???
« on: 2017 December 24 11:04:31 »
Anyone have an Annotation file (for the Annotate Script) that covers Herbig-Haro Objects and would be willing to share it?

Thanks, Alkex

General / problem reading tiff image
« on: 2017 November 28 07:24:45 »
I have an image generated in a pseudoHDR program that, apparently, is 48bit. When I try to open it for editing in PI, I get the error " TIFF directory is missing required "StripByteCounts" field". I do not get this error if I open it in any of several other image manipulation programs. What does the error mean and is there a way around it other than opening it in another program and trying to resave it? (The case I tried was not remediated by this procedure.)

Thanks, Alex

General / LFHH installation
« on: 2017 November 15 13:49:08 »
I am running Ubuntu 16.04 and found the LFHH module and documentation ready to install when I opened PI. I did the download, closed PI, and did the reported all went well. I exited. Upon starting again, I did not see LFHH in any list of procedures, nor did it appear in the 'install module' option under Procedures. I looked in opt/pixinsight/bin--it is not there. What next?


General / cannot find ArcSine stretch procedure.
« on: 2017 October 13 08:12:57 »
Using Win 10, latest PI. PI downloaded ArcSine procedure then installed it. It is in my installed modules list, but does not show up in any menu (the bar at the left, procedures/intensity transforms, procedures/all). I've rebooted, but nothing. What am I doing wrong?
Alex W

General / TGV InPaint
« on: 2017 October 03 11:31:47 »
I have tried several times to install the module that contains TGVInPaint that I used in the previous version of PI... without success. Am I correct in assuming that it is not compatible with v 1.8.5? If that is not correct, can someone point me to the correct link for the current version of TVG InPaint and installation instructions.

Thanks, Alex

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