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Hi All,

I very often forget that there is a script that I need to use because the available categories are limited and not all scripts appear (at least to me  ;)) in the appropriate category in the drop down menu.

I recall being able to edit the script to change the category but this doesn't seem to work any more.

Any tips?


Bug Reports / BatchPreprocessing not retaining calibration files
« on: 2017 August 26 21:14:28 »
Suddenly my BatchPreprocessing script is no longer retaining the populated calibration files if I save as an instance on my workspace, close down script and the reopen it....any ideas?

I am running the latest PI update and BP v1.46


Gallery / Helix Nebula from Perth, Australia
« on: 2016 November 09 00:49:02 »
Hi all,

My second offering to the gallery.

4 hrs each of Ha and O3....I did have a couple of hours of S2 but it only added noise so I didn't use them.

All processed in pixinsight.....HOO palette using the SHO_AIP script.....the Colormask script is great tool for selective color saturation and masking for controlling noise in the stretched colour image.

Equipment details:

127mm HiOptic APO with 0.8x focal reducer.
Baader NB Filters
ASI1600mm Cooled Camera.


Gallery / IC4628 Prawn Nebula 29-31/8/16 Narrow Band False Colour
« on: 2016 September 06 00:53:43 »

I have been using Pixinsight for about 5 years now mostly on RGB images and then HaRGB before recently taking the plunge into narrowband imaging.
Image details are as follows:

127mm APO,
ASI1600mm (cooled to -20c)
Resolution: 0.82"/Pixel
Baader filters.
Ha 7nm 3hrs
S2 8nm 1.5hrs
O3 8nm 1.5hrs
(All 600sec subs)

Processing Brief:
Mure denoise
Histogram stretch
SHO-AIP Script to construct luminance and combine into final image.
Endless tinkering to get colours as near RGB as I could (at least to me?) but I think the red intensity is reversed!!!
Tried various methods to equalize star size of S2 and O3 but ended up masking and desaturating them.

All comments welcome ...especially on palette selection and star correction.;topic=10177.0;attach=12197;image


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