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I just read this on Dave Ault's "Trapped Photons" blog:
If your dark exposures are all within 10 seconds they will all get lumped into the same stack.

I changed my exposure tolerance from 10 to zero (only integer values of tolerance seem to be allowed) and now my Dark Flats are in different stacks according to exposure time.

Thank you Dave.

So if I have dark flats with different exposure times I must run BPP as outlined above for each of them separately?
So for LRGB run BPP 8 times all together?  :-\

(I have dark flats for LRGB with exposure times of 1.5, 2.5, 3 and 5 seconds respectively. I was hoping that if I load all my dark flats at once that BPP would make 4 different master flats in one run. But unfortunately when I load all the dark flats BPP describes them all as "1.5 sec" and makes one master flat out of all of them  :-[ .

Interestingly, if I add 120 sec Darks (which matches the exposure of all my lights) using "Add Darks" then BPP does see a difference between them and the dark flats; it describes the 120 sec darks as "120 sec". However simultaneously it still describes ALL the short exposure dark flats, regardless of their actual exposures, as "1.5 sec".


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