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General / Which image unsaved?
« Last post by Capella_Ben on 2019 March 16 21:33:36 »
Hi All,

You know how it is, you have just finished processing.  You have 20 or more images saved over 3 or 4 workspaces.  You think you have saved the important ones.  You have saved the project.  You go to close PI and you get this message: 

"One or more images have been modified and are unsaved.  Unsaved pixel data will be permanently tost. Exit Anyway?"


Does this just apply to the images that I have specifically saved, or to all the images?

Which images????  How can I tell if it is unsaved?  I can't find any indicator if an image has "unsaved pixel data", and I don't want to go back and manually re-save all images. 

any help would be appreciated.  Thanks!  :-)

General / Re: No colour after a simple processing
« Last post by ngc1535 on 2019 March 16 19:59:13 »
Then I have to use another time STF and the nuclear button because if i don't do it I can't use save as using the jpg format

This is an odd statement. The automatic screen stretch (the "nuclear button") adjusts the brightness levels for display on the screen. This is for your eyes only and it does not change the values of the underlying data. You certainly *can save* an unstretched image. However the resulting image will look *black* because JPEGs are 8bit images. The current STF (screen stretch) is used to create the image. So by pressing the auto STF (nuclear button), you are choosing a much better way to save the image.

Now... PI will tell you all kinds of information about how JPEGs are terrible with a loss of information etc etc... this doesn't have anything to do with the screen stretch (it will say these things every time).

Gallery / Whale and Hockey Stick
« Last post by Astrodoc on 2019 March 16 18:48:42 »
NGC 4631 (top left) and NGC 4656 (bottom right) are known as the Whale Galaxy and Hockey Stick Galaxy, respectively. The Whale is distorted due to its interaction with NGC 4627 just to its left. Both are about 25 million light years away. The Hockey Stick, about 30 million light years from Earth, is distorted by a small galaxy just off the tip of the “blade.”

Clear skies,
Gallery / Re: NGC 2403
« Last post by Astrodoc on 2019 March 16 18:46:41 »
General / Re: Star Halos
« Last post by Ken82 on 2019 March 16 15:10:41 »
Thanks Steve!

I’ll have a look at that process and get back to you !
General / Re: Text on Images with PixInsight
« Last post by STEVE333 on 2019 March 16 14:42:29 »
You're welcome Bob, glad to help.

I've gotten quite a bit of help in this forum, especially when I was learning how to calibrate and stack with PI rather than having to rely on DSS. It was a challenging project, but, I'm glad I stuck it out.''

Best of success in you imaging/processing future.

General / Re: Text on Images with PixInsight
« Last post by BobinBend on 2019 March 16 14:12:36 »
Thanks! With a program this advanced I just had to think it had to have some kind of text on image feature!
General / Re: Best subframe to select using SubframeSelector
« Last post by johnpane on 2019 March 16 13:56:53 »
Thank you Rob and Mike. Wow, amazing how easy it is to overlook something so obvious!
General / Re: Text on Images with PixInsight
« Last post by STEVE333 on 2019 March 16 13:47:42 »
Hi Bob -

There is a process named Annotation that will superimpose text on the image. You can control the font, font size, font color, and the Opacity of the font. You can place the text anywhere you wish on the image.

General / Text on Images with PixInsight
« Last post by BobinBend on 2019 March 16 13:32:02 »
I haven't found anywhere whether PI has the capability to superimpose text on the bottom corner of an image for identification purposes.
Any thoughts?
Thanks, Bob
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