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I started a purchase and got as far as the Paypal page, where the charge indicated was the flat $ what's the story with the "plus shipping"?    I'm slightly wary having been stung in the past with unexpectedly large P&P costs (to the UK)....

Hope you're going to bring the "pretty picture" window to the top layer in the front cover    :)
General / Re: No colour after a simple processing
« Last post by fmrjt on 2019 March 23 08:24:06 »
Steve, I'll try to do in my new processes. I have made a little and fast prove and it seems to be very interesting.
Thank you very very very  much.
General / Re: Ha Calibration Woes . . .
« Last post by ngc1535 on 2019 March 23 07:53:21 »
Sorry, Rob, but I don't understand the question. "i16?"

I took the subs, flats, bias and darks directly as they came from the SBIG STL into the old version of PI and all is well.
I believe all are 16 bit ".fits" files.

Taking these very same files into the latest version of PI produces the wonky calibration.
Attached is a single sub put through both the old PI and the latest version. No CC on either and default STF for both.

Can you post a picture of the dark (the master dark, the one that is being used in calibration) that physically resides on your old machine?
Next to it, post the dark (the master dark, the one that is being used in calibration) that physically resides on your problem machine.
General / Re: Note taking in PI?
« Last post by ihowarth on 2019 March 23 07:25:47 »

Thanks, Gerald, neat idea!    ("I've managed to overlook 'obvious' features before now..."!)
General / Re: Note taking in PI?
« Last post by oldwexi on 2019 March 23 06:00:54 »
For live notes
i use the
Script Editor.
You can start with an empty file or  load any existing textfile into Script Editor and update the infos
during your processing steps.
At the end i copy all text from the Script Editor into the text window of the Project Save.
So everything is within the project.

If you dont use the Script Editor you can write into the Project Save Window your text at save time.
This is for me not so recommended than after 4 hours of processing without notes i dont write
all my notes into the window because i forgot some steps.

So best way to write during processing in  Script Editor and copy at the end into the ProjectSave Window.

General / Note taking in PI?
« Last post by ihowarth on 2019 March 23 05:23:24 »

I like to keep a few notes on what steps/settings i've used in processing an image.   At the moment i'm just doing this in a separate text file, but inevitably that gets mislaid or forgotten.    Is there any way to do my note-recording within the PI environment, or to embed a text file into the .pxiproject file?    I guess probably not, but i've managed to overlook 'obvious' features before now...
Tutorials and Processing Examples / Re: Fixing Bad Pixel Columns
« Last post by martin farmer on 2019 March 23 03:34:49 »
Hello Gerald,

Sorry for the delay in replying to your post.

I understand what you are doing and this is another solution to the problem of correcting bad columns within an image.
I look forward to your video being posted.


I’m in, looking forward to it. Rogelio is a great source of advice on Pixinsight.

General / Re: Linear Fit?
« Last post by GJL on 2019 March 23 03:07:19 »
I learned on a workshop, LF reference is the brightest (or low-noise) image,  maybe more saturated stars but no color fringes.

Bug Reports / Issue when master flat is more than 13 files
« Last post by Philippe B. on 2019 March 23 02:34:44 »

Dear all
Something strange...

When I compute a master flat with up to 13 files, the result is a max value around 0.74
When I add 1 or 10 files more, result drop to 0.46

You can download here the archive with 15 files, the 2 master resulting, the process icon.

I didn't calibrate flat but result is the same with calibrated files.

It happens with last PI release and OSX or Windows version (I cannot test Linux right now).

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