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« Last post by francesco on 2019 May 22 08:08:26 »
After removing the old  Version I downloaded and installed the new one
The screen is completely black and the modules are not loaded .
I reinstalled the old one and it works perfectly.
I repeated the downloading process and installation of the new version 3 times with the same result.
So far I decided to stay with old one which works.
Do you have an idea about the possible causes and how to remove them?
I would like to have the new version working.
I am using Windows 7 on 64bit PC

Thanks for support

Hello Adam,

very good Method to dim the stars.

In my Image the effect is very strong and my question is how to have smaller amounts of dimming. Is it caused by a "wrong" mask?

In the ataatched image of M42 with DSLR you will see the effect on the image which is not yet processed to the end.

Greetings from germany

The issue has been fixed with your latest update. Thank you!
Hi Juan, many thanks for your prompt reply and the reference to the issue. Kind Regards Geoff
Release Information / Re: Latest version - default to full screen
« Last post by sheggie on 2019 May 21 12:09:50 »
I should add that I did reboot my computer and have reinstalled the latest version as a "repair" but it is still all black.

Release Information / Re: Latest version - default to full screen
« Last post by sheggie on 2019 May 21 11:57:20 »
Juan, et al - I (also in Canada) am having this same problem - the newest release PI boots up with a totally black screen. If I move the mouse to the top of the screen and click where the menu titles should be, they appear. But nothing else is accessible. If I double click on the background, I'm offered the file-open window. I select a file recently processed in PI and I can tell it opened it but I can't see it. Moving the cursor around tells me there is something on the screen but all is black. I managed to load my process icons and again, I can tell they are there but they are black on black. I am running an i7 Dell XPS laptop with W'7 home that is fully up to date and this all started when I loaded the latest release of PI. Everything else on the computer is still working fine.

Stuart (northwest of Oakville)
Hi Rogelio,
don't you still have an example of a book? Or only TOC? It may not be a final version. I think it could be very useful for possible buyers.
Don't you plan to make some "re-distribution centre" in Europe? It could bring lower shipping and also helps with duty fees. There could be some tax for orders from the US in Europe. But there are no fees for orders inside the EU.

Bug Reports / Re: Image Solver problems
« Last post by ppistor on 2019 May 21 10:15:27 »
With the last PI update, the sequence DynamicAlignment + ManualImageSolver worked. When annotating the resulting image I observed an annotation
quality I rarely experienced with extremely wide images. Thanks for that.
Alas, when running the result thru ImageSolver, it refused to provide a solution. I am uploading test images as soon as possible.
Announcements / Re: PixInsight Released
« Last post by GordonH on 2019 May 21 06:56:57 »
No need to apologize. Probably the first mistake this year!!  :)

There is no bug here. The following values of the nonstandard SITELAT and SITELONG keywords:


are not valid. See the SBIG proposal for FITS keyword extensions document. The expected format for these keywords is the same as OBJCTDEC, that is, 'DDD MM SS.sss'.

So the problem is being caused by the application that created these FITS files.

Versions of PixInsight before didn't make use of the SITELONG and SITELAT keywords, but now we use them to acquire the geodetic location of the observer, which is necessary for ephemeris calculations performed by our astrometry engine.

See also another forum thread where this issue has already been discussed.
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