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General / Re: PI Processing - What Are These Dark Spots?
« Last post by jwaters125 on Today at 22:19 »
General / Re: Location and Scale estimators
« Last post by mschuster on Today at 21:47 »
Good. Maybe a hot pixel count would be another quality proxy for my setup? (assuming the true hot pixel count doesn't change much across frames)
General / Re: PI Processing - What Are These Dark Spots?
« Last post by pfile on Today at 21:30 »
did you have dark optimization turned on during calibration?

that can sometimes cause hot pixels to be overcorrected and leave you with these black pixels.

General / PI Processing - What Are These Dark Spots?
« Last post by jwaters125 on Today at 21:08 »
See the picture below.  What's causing these dark pixels?  Are my Sigma High / Low values set wrong?  These dark pixels are all over the place.

Ha Modified Canon 6D
Canon 200mm f/2.8L II lens

52 Lights (80 Sec), 60 Darks (80 Sec), 60 BIAS and 40 Flats

I did the Darks in two batches.  The first 20 Darks I did right after I did my Lights.  I added the second batch of 40 Darks today and reprocessed.  I used my refrigerator for the second set of Darks.  I thought the two sets of Darks were within 3 to 5F degrees max.  It turns out they were 8 to 10F degrees apart.

Steps so far:
- BatchPreprocessing
- ImageIntegration
- DynamicCrop
- DynamicBackgroundExtraction
- MultiscaleMedianTransform

More info here

Could the Dark temperature differences cause this problem?
How can you get a list of files and / or directories if you provide a path. I see how we can use OpenFileDialog to let people choose files but I want to just go through a list of directories and pull in the files from each directory to do basic calibration for on a nightly basis.  The observatory is completely automated and stories files, darks bias, flats in well defined folders.  it also stores lights in folder based on the target name.  I'm using the engine of the batch preprocessing script but want to just go through the list of files in directories we have taken that night and process. I don't see the commands that would be similar to the node fs functionality.

General / BPP Export Calibration Files missing
« Last post by CraigNZ on Today at 18:00 »
I am running PI v1.8.6 and BPP v1.47.  I am trying to save my session settings and file names and I understand there is a checkbox labeled "Export Calibration Files" .. but I cannot find it.  It is not listed in Global Options and I didn't see it listed anywhere in PI Global preferences.  Where do I find this?  Or is it possible when I installed PI in the C:\windows\Program Files folder that Windows 10 is blocking BPP from saving its settings?

General / Narrowband scripts in 1.8.06?
« Last post by astrodoc71 on Today at 17:55 »
I only see the NBRGB combination script under utilities in the current PI version. What happened to HA RVB and the SHO scripts?
General / Re: Location and Scale estimators
« Last post by Ignacio on Today at 13:34 »
Yeah, if you undersample it won't work. My typical fwhm is around 1.5 pixels or higher, so don't have that problem.

General / Contrast Background Noise Ratio Script
« Last post by wglogowski on Today at 13:27 »
Hello,  I was messing around with Pixinsight ... trying new things and I have a few questions about the Contrast Background Noise Ratio Script. 1) Can you use it to "measure" or "estimate" how you are doing on SNR for your image?  2) Can someone explain to me what would be an ideal CNBR? I ran the script on one raw image, no processing just a Screen Transfer Stretch and come up with Median 2116.14, Contrast 36.13, Background Mean 2091.13, Background Noise 30.06 and a CBRN of 1.20   I attached a screenshot of the results and peeking out from behind is the raw image.

Thank Walter
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