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General / Gradient Merge Mosaic Error
« Last post by Terry Danks on Today at 23:19 »
I am getting an error message when trying to stitch two panels together:
"Current Image Width Differs From First Image Width."

When I cropped the images to be the same width, I get the same message except change the word width to height.

Makes no sense?
General / Re: Black artefacts in some star centers.
« Last post by msmythers on Today at 22:31 »

I think this is the bug you might be thinking about.

General / Re: Black artefacts in some star centers.
« Last post by pfile on Today at 22:14 »
what is weird about this is that i vaguely remember that there was a bug similar to this regarding drizzle integration and pixel rejection, but i thought it had been fixed...


Thanks you for letting us know about the preview.


That's one of those I'd seen it before but never watched while I moved the mouse :-\.

General / Re: Black artefacts in some star centers.
« Last post by John_Gill on Today at 22:05 »
Hey Rob,

I did a DrizzleIntegration with Pixel Rejection turned off and no more funny artefacts.  Thank you for your help and suggestions.

Look up
why cant it be a moving dust mote? the flats just dont match, that happens all the time with moving motes. its not likely to move during light or flat acquisition, it happens inbetween as the telescope is slewing or the filter wheel is moving.

ah i didnt know that, thanks
For #2 use the Image Annotation Script on a plate-solved image. The script has a Preview which gives the RA/DEC of the mouse position.
After closer inspection I see that the "arc bunnies" are on the individual lights as well - faint but visible - as per the composite image below.  So it can't be a moving dust mote, Pixinsight can't be calibrating the lights properly or the flats are wrong (but how?!!! I tried various lightness settings).  Calibration is taking out the small bunnies but not the large scale structures on the larger ones.  All I am using is the BPP with default settings.  I may try doing this manually like I used to do.

on #1 the only thing i can think of would be to copy the console log with the output of ImageSolver and save that to a text file.

on #2 i dont think so. you have to use an external program

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