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Bug Reports / Re: Star Alignment Bug?
« Last post by pfile on Today at 06:27 »
you'll have to upload them to dropbox or google drive or onedrive and post the link here...

Gallery / NGC2237 - The Rosette
« Last post by rodmichael on Today at 05:34 »
This is my first attempt at the Rosette Nebula. Completed in time for Valentines Day (sent to my friends). I was reluctant to post it here. Not sure of the relative quality. Composed of 139 subframes, 240s each, LRGB.

Critique or suggestions welcome.
Bug Reports / Re: Star Alignment Bug?
« Last post by jeffweiss9 on Today at 05:05 »
      Some further experimentation with StarAlignment showed that it works fine to register the old camera's raw FITS files to the new camera's reference c_cc_r.xisf file, but the vertical mirror reflection occurs when I use StarAlignment (same settings, doesn't matter if distortion correction or drizzle generation are on/off) on either the old or new camera's unregistered but calibrated c_cc.xisf files.  It seems that StarAlignment introduces this vertical mirror reflection whenever it tries to register c_cc.xisf files, in general, although it works fine on the same files when they are raw FITS.   

     The same thing happens when you try to register _c.xisf files so the conclusion seems to be that StarAlignment won't register the calibrated c.xisf frames, new or old without introducing the vertical mirror reflection, but does fine on the same images as uncalibrated FITS files, new or old.   This seems to be a bug in StarAlignment.

     I tried to attach 3 files to see if other people can reproduce this wierd behavior of StarAlignment but they are much too large to post:
1) the new reference image:  ...45_c_cc_r.xisf
2) an old raw FITS file:
3) image 2) after its original calibration and cosmetic correction:  ...048_c_cc.xisf

Gallery / M42 - LRGB
« Last post by rodmichael on Today at 05:01 »
This is my first attempt at M42 (10th month of AP). Image pre- and post-processed in PixInsight.

I used 240 total subframes, 120 at 150s (30 each LRGB) and 120 at 30s.

Imaging System = Celestron 11" RASA, f2.22; QSI683WS; Astrodon Gen2 LRGB filters; SB Paramount MX+ with TPoint Supermodel. Otherwise unguided.

I attempted to do HDR composition to account for overexposure of nebula core. I combined stacked linear RGB images of 30s and 150s to produce a linear HDR RGB image. I did the same thing with the Luminance images (20s and 150s).

I stretched the HDR RGB and Luminance images, each in 2 passes.

I did an LRGB combination using a Luminance Transfer Factor of 50 and a Chrominance Transfer Factor of 40.

I performed Noise Reduction with SCNR (Green) and ACDNR.

All comments, critique, or suggestions welcome.
General / Re: Any new advice for monitor choice?
« Last post by msmythers on 2018 February 22 15:55:44 »

Let me point out the video requirements from the PixInsight System Requirements page.

Video Hardware
Minimum required display resolution: At least 900 pixels of vertical resolution.
Minimum reasonable display resolution: 1920×1080.
Recommended low-dpi display resolution: 2560×1440.
Recommended high-dpi display resolutions: 3840×2160 (4K) / 5120×2880 (5K) / 7680×4320 (8K).
We strongly recommend a high-end 27-inch or larger LED/LCD panel, or two panels driven by a dual-head video card. For serious image processing, working with large monitors is a real must with PixInsight.

Since version 1.8.4 (released Summer 2015), PixInsight is a fully scalable application supporting high-dpi display resolutions such as Retina displays, 4K, 5K and 8K displays, on all supported operating systems.

Important: We do not guarantee the correct behavior of our graphical user interface on screen resolutions smaller than 1920×1080. Note that this refers to logical resolutions, not physical (for example, a Retina display with 2880×1800 native resolution has 1440×900 logical pixels). The application will run on smaller resolutions, but you may need to perform manual adjustments such as closing control bars and explorer windows, or changing automatic high-dpi screen and font management settings. Even with manual tuning, PixInsight has not been designed specifically to work on very small screens.

General / Re: Any new advice for monitor choice?
« Last post by pscammp on 2018 February 22 15:33:12 »
Hello there,
    It really doesn't matter how big or what '*K' a screen is, if your using Pixinsight or any other Pro editing package and you want accurate colours etc then
you really need a colour calibrated monitor.

I personally use an Asus ProArt 24" screen (PA248QJ) and a 'ColorMunki Display' to calibrate it. Absolutely beautiful screen, and, unlike 90%
of screens mainly designed for pro image editing, this one has a screen refresh rate of about 8ms so it's also super duper at gaming too which
is another of my hobbies. Some pro monitors refresh rate is 114ms which would completely die when gaming !

Mind you, if your playing in the region of 47" then you're going to need a large mortgage to get a Pro screen at that size if they even exist so that kind of kills
that conversation from the start does it not ?   LOLOL

Anyway, take a look at this site and the links in the replies as it looks like it's right up your street and may help you get your head around the key features you
need to look out for in a UHD TV to make it really useful for image editing:

Remember also, if you find what your looking for in a TV then be aware that your graphics card will also play a big part in what you get on the screen. If
for example you had a TV capable of displaying 100% of the sRGB gamut but your graphics card can only output 70% of it then....You see the point ! Also,
the higher the resolution you output from the graphics card the bigger the possibility that colour accuracy may degrade as a side effect. Spend a bit of time
doing your research and your end result will be more satisfying.

Good Luck with your search

Image Processing Challenges / Re: color cast in background
« Last post by bcstein12 on 2018 February 22 14:46:33 »
the cast was produced just combining the 600sec masters only before using hdr as compared with no cast using the 180sec masters
Release Information / Re: How to install Hartmut Bornemann's GAME script
« Last post by pwhit on 2018 February 22 13:25:42 »
Many thanks Mike. That worked fine. First script I've installed so wasn't aware of the process.
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