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I think it is well settled that most of us find the narration of the IP4AP videos a little too slow. I appreciate the underlying reason but here is a work-around to make it a little more enjoyable. Save the videos to the hard drive in your computer. Get VLC, a free download, and open the videos in VLC. Under the Playback tab is a "Speed" choice. You can adjust the playback speed in either fine or course adjustments. You only have to do it once as the settings are maintained from video to video. With about five or six "Fine" adjustments, the narration speed is back to a normal conversational pace and the audio and video quality are nicely maintained.

Announcements / Re: New Website
« on: 2014 February 28 06:56:06 »
Thanks for fixing the ipad issue. Really very nice.

Announcements / Re: New Website
« on: 2014 February 24 17:31:44 »
I have a new iPad air and the only link that will open from the home page is the gallery. And I have to say that it appears to be using a lot of resources. I had to close out most or all of my underlying apps, not many were really going, to keep Safari from crashing. Same thing on my wife's iPad. But on a desktop, nice job. Thanks

General / Re: What platform do you use most often with PixInsight?
« on: 2014 February 10 20:47:09 »
Win 8.1 on a Toshiba eight core 64bit, 16 gigs ram. PI screams on this machine.

General / Re: Pixinsight won't accept user info
« on: 2014 January 11 13:48:13 »
Thanks for the quick response but I just realized it was my mistake. I inadvertently moved the license file to the wrong spot.

General / Pixinsight won't accept user info
« on: 2014 January 11 13:28:50 »
I used PI this morning, shut it down, and now that I'm trying to open it back up the PI Software Activation screen is popping up and it wont accept my User Identifier or Activation code. I've uninstalled/reinstalled but I'm still locked out. Any thoughts?

General / Problem with combining Jupiter RGB's
« on: 2014 January 07 20:33:44 »
I took my first sets of mono RGB's of Jupiter last night. I processed the AVI's in Autostakkert and saved as tif. Those will open just fine in PI and I can do an LRGBCombination to get a color image. But, if I process the images in Registax after Autostakkert and save as tifs, they will open in PI, but I can't perform the LRGBCombination. When I try and assign the images to their color slots a message pops up-"no compatible images." The header of the Autostakkert images starts with "Gray" while the header of the Registax images begin with "RGB." I have looked at the metadata of both and Registax is adding "RGB" under Photometric Interpretation whereas Autostakkert isn't adding anything. Any ideas on how I can get my Registaxs to combine?

General / Re: Save to jpeg/tif
« on: 2013 December 28 07:33:44 »
That was exactly the problem. Thank you.

General / Save to jpeg/tif
« on: 2013 December 27 21:07:47 »
I just did my first processing of M31 and I was rather happy with the results for a first time imager. I saved it to jpeg so I could email it to a couple of buddies of mine and the jpeg was a fair representation of what I was seeing in Pixinsight. But, I just finished M42 and I've been trying to save it to jpeg/tif with no success. The resulting image shows only the very brightest stars and the central core of the nebulosity. I've run Histogram Transformation to make sure it was non-linear but that didn't help. Incidentally, the same thing happened with M1 the other night but in that case, the nebulosity wasn't visible. Obviously I'm missing something, any ideas? Thanks

Wish List / Re: Image of noise
« on: 2013 December 05 06:22:27 »
Thank you, exactly on point.


Wish List / Image of noise
« on: 2013 December 04 17:40:53 »
Forgive me if this is already possible and if not, a wish list item. I'm a newb and still learning what noise looks like. With ABE and DBE you end up with an image of the gradients that were removed. Can an image of the noise that is removed with ACDNR/TGVDenoise etc. be generated? If any structure to the noise starts showing up, you might assume you've gone too far.

Good morning, new guy here. I've found the video tutorials at to be extremely helpful and I didn't see them in your list although I could be mistaken. Hopefully helpful.

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